What's New
  • 2003-05-27 Version 0.1 released

Welcome to the IEStreamConv project!

In technical terms, IEStreamConv is a HTML preprocessor. It takes html documents that make use of IE-specific constructs, and rewrites them, turning them into something that Mozilla can understand.

There are currently two IE features it deals with:

These are things that aren't going to be implemented in Mozilla itself

To use IEStreamConv, you'll need the ForceContentType tool. Take a look at the screenshot on the ForceContentType site here. It shows a configuration that makes work, when combined with user-agent spoofing.

The IEStreamConv filter will kick in whenever Mozilla sees something with a Content-Type of text/x-iehtml.

The iestreamconv project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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